How do we setup MFA for test cases run through Subject 7

We are currently working to move our user authentication to Okta IDM. Our existing authentication mechanism is based on shown below.  Our future state is through Okta IDM.  We would like to know how to configure multi-factor authentication in order to run Subject 7 test cases in our secure environments. 

Existing AD authentication mechanism:

  1. The user has to enter the user id and password from the AD credential store.
  2. The user will be then prompted for the passcode.
  3. Passcode is generated using Google authenticator API.
  4. Time-based One-time Passwords are generated using the Google authenticator API.
  5. Each user has a seed on his profile and it is used in generating the passcode.


Future state Okta IDM authentication

  1. We are moving towards Okta IDM.
  2. User enters the user id and password.
  3. Okta push App or email or SMS can be leveraged to complete the two factor.



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Rex Feizi


The process you describe is designed precisely to avoid "Robots" from getting access to a system. Normally, test credentials are created to bypass this process in test/staging environments.  However, if you want to run tests in Secure/Production type environments, then we would need to create a script that would login to the email get the token, and use it in the test script. 

If you want to use Google Authenticator then you would need the following:

1. Mobile feature in Subject7 

2. Update Cloud Executors to run Mobile Simulators to install/configure the Google authenticator needed for each test login. 

3. Use Subject7 Mobile feature to read the Passcode and feed it into the script


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