Test re-run in execution set

There is a re-run text box in execution set setting, can you explain how does it work?

One of the challenge we get is we seems to get random test failures some time, for example, if we run the same test case against 4 browsers, 1 browser will fail, and all 3 others will pass, if we run it again, maybe all 4 will pass.  What we try to achieve is this:

During an execution, if a test failed, automatically re-run it against with exactly the same settings (browser, dataset etc),  only if it consistently failed 3 times with same settings, then count test case as failed, and send notification/trigger execution set call back.

Is there a way we can achieve this setup?

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Joseph Hamdan

Hi Dhrupa,

With current implementation, you can use Rerun text box which will allow to rerun any test case if it fails. The number of times to rerun depends on the number you enter in the textbox (If you use 1, any test cases that fail will rerun only once). If your callback should only happen in case of failure, you can select the Condition "FAILURE" as shown below.

Subject7 Team

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