Input on PROOF Beta 8.1

Please see input from Liudmila (Mila) Shnit on PROOF Beta 8.1


Thank you Stephen, it looks really nice, although I have a couple of Suggestions:

  1. I would love to have an option to use a shortcut to copy and paste the line and implementation(just like I can do it in the current version)
  2. Functions: I ‘d like to be able to update the function on the fly while I’m on my test case page.
  3. To me X sign doesn’t seem very common sense for me as a reset functionality. May be  we could have an actual Reset word.



Thank you,


Rex Feizi


1. This possible using either Select Step and Copy button on top, or, advanced view and copy the JSON. 

2. This is also possible, however, once the function is updated, you need to refresh the open test case to make sure it has the latest changes. 

3. Would you please elaborate on this. 

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Glenn Cooley
  1. Comment: everything seems easier to read now.   Definitely better!
  2. When a specific test fails—I don’t see the more… link anymore. I do see them for other steps—but not on my failed step: 

No “more” for this error.  Clearly, the expression shows that the compare failed.  Not sure why the things we are comparing are different.  (this worked before, and now it doesn’t work.—I will test it in the non-beta version). 

  1. “bubble/hover help” exists for all icons along the top of the script (dark blue bar). There is no “bubble/hover help” for the checkbox.  What is that checkbox in the dark blue bar supposed to do?  It looks like it checks/unchecks all steps.

  2. I don’t like the new ADVANCED view. I liked being able to move the rows of script around, insert, etc. on the old version.  Now it’s all code—what am I supposed to do with that?  (Might be great for some users, but not me.)  I do see two icons for copying and pasting.  They are cumbersome to use unless you are just copying and pasting one simple line somewhere.  Using the old ADVANCED view was easier for this.

  3. I think the sorting of the Web Locators page should DEFAULT to a A-Z sort on the Key column. You shouldn’t have to click it.  This should apply to all pages like this (example:  Data Templates.)

  4. The Add Filter+ feature works nicely but why does it need checkboxes? If you fill something in, shouldn’t that tell PROOF that you want it as a search criterion?
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