Parallel execution using multiple dependant Datasets

We should choose multiple datasets from multiple data templates, each execution should pick a set that is dependent on the other set.

ex : Data_template1, Data_template2,Data_tamplate3
Dataset1, Dataset2,Dataset3

execution1 ---> Data_template1 --> Dataset1, Data_template2 --> Dataset1,Data_template3 --> Dataset1

execution2 ---> Data_template1 --> Dataset2, Data_template2 --> Dataset2,Data_template3 --> Dataset2

execution2 ---> Data_template1 --> Dataset3, Data_template2 --> Dataset3,Data_template3 --> Dataset3

how to achieve this and execute a single TC with multiple dependant datasets.

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Joseph Hamdan

Hi Ashwini,

In order for this to work, you can create several execution sets and make your selections in Tests Data Selection tab to indicate which template and which set to work with.

Please let us know what you think about this.


Subject7 Team

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