Cloud run test with multiple data templates

We have a test that include injected data from two data templates, patient and coach. In patient template, we have two datasets, patient PROD, patient DEV, and in coach we have two data sets coach PRO, coach DEV.

When we schedule this test to be run in execution set, we select all 2 patients and 2 coaches and dataset input. I hae two questions.

a. What's the default behaviour of subject-7 in this case? 

As patient PROD, patient DEV, coach PROD, coach DEV all selected. Will it run the test twice by default as:

  1. first run with patient PROD, coach PROD
  2. second run is with patient DEV, coach DEV

OR it will run the test 4 times, with

  1. P_PROD, C_PROD 
  2. P_PROD, C_DE
  3. P_DEV, C_PROD
  4. P_DEV, C_DEV

b. The second question is how we can configure to run with a more customizable behaviours? Let's say we want to run coach a with 3 different patients A, B, C , then coach b with 5 patients, A, D, E, F, G. How can we configure the execution set to run this way?




Joseph Hamdan

Hi Dhrupa,

In your execution set after going to Tests Data Selection tab, you can select the test cases and then click on them in the middle (Selected Test Cases). On the right side, data set selection will appear. If this remains unchanged, then the test case will execute only using the default data set. If you select all the available data sets, then the test case will execute several times to go with all the available data sets, so if you make all selections, the answer is 4 times as you typed above.

For example:

A test case has 4 data sets:

a- URL_1

b- User_1

c- URL_2

d- User_2

If we select all of them, we will get 4 runs as below:

1- URL_1 with User_1

2- URL_1 with User_2

3- URL_2 with User_1

4- URL_2 with User_2

If we select only one URL and select all users, we will get 2 runs as below:

1- URL_1 with User_1

2- URL_1 with User_2

The answer to your second question is basically selection on your execution set determines how execution will go. For example:

1- First set:

Select coach a

Select patient A, B, C

Save execution set and schedule/run it

2- Second set:

Select coach b

Select patient A, D, E, F, G

Save execution set and schedule/run it


Please let us know if this answers your question or if there's anything else we can assist with.



Subject7 Team

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Dhrupa Patel

Thanks. This structure makes lots of sense.

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