APIs for automated script management between instances and folders

  1. Besides the import/export feature, are there APIs available that can let users automate the copy of scripts from one instance / repo to another?
  2. Are there APIs available that can let users copy scripts from one folder to another within Subject 7?
  3. Are there APIs that can let users add scripts into a folder from an external storage source?
  4. Are service accounts provided to access APIs assuming these are not tied to user accounts?
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Rex Feizi


Please see my comments in the same order: 

  1. No API at this time. Please note this feature is a temporary workaround until we release our versioning feature. We are a bit behind as it was planned by end of July. We are still targeting that date, but we had a couple of other upgrades that might impact that date. I will keep you posted on this. 
  2. No API's right now. Would you please elaborate on the use case. I am very curious to understand this "batch jobs" use cases. 
  3. Not exactly sure what you mean by "Add script from an external storage". How do you even do this without the API is one question and also would you please elaborate on what is it that you are trying to expedite or do. 
  4. API usage is depending on a user. Please elaborate on any needs that you may have so we can help find a solution. 
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