Using datetime and browser info when populating an email

I am trying to generate an email consisting of a static text and then the datetime of the moment the test is launched or the step is reached, the browser and the country.


countryCode "browser" _ date on format YYMMDDHHmm

So far I've been using Data Templates to fill all the information of the user so it would be fantastic if the code to populate it could be used on the Data Template, but is not the highest priority.



Joseph Hamdan

Hi Miguel,

So you injected a data template into a Fill step and you would like to include the date/time in which execution takes place to be appended to the parametrized value?

If yes, you can achieve this with Set_date command. By placing this command before your Fill step, it will generate the value from the machine where execution is taking place. In your Fill step, you can add the variable name from Set_date command next to your Value. If you execute locally, your time will be added and if you execute in cloud, the time of the VM will be added.

You can also use the Timestamp checkbox in Data Templates, Solution 2 on this article talks about this:

Subject7 Team

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Miguel de Arcos

Thanks Joseph, that was exactly what I wanted.

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