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We have the following request from one of our clients and we wanted to see if you have any suggestions for us to tackle it  :

Problem Statement: The application to be tested is an Oracle Fusion app. The client's Oracle instance has SSO enabled, which means that, we have to be connected to the client's Microsoft network to access the Oracle URL. To connect to the Microsoft network, the user will use login username, password and Approve it through microsoft authenticator using a link on the user's mobile device.

Solution: We will have pool of smaller number of VMs, say 5, and the first time the test case will run on any new VM, it will trigger the approval link which the user will approve through the mobile device. The next time the same VM is used, it won't trigger the approval link and it will directly land on the Oracle app. The reason for a smaller pool is to make sure all the VMs are always up and do not shutdown after being idle, which will cause the system to lose the session information. 

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!! We can setup a meeting to further discuss this as well, please do let me know.

Rex Feizi


I have sent you an email regarding this. Generally, our cloud VMs are managed dynamically and they will get shut down after a period of inactivity. Therefore we have to come up with a custom solution. Hence, we will follow up on the email. 

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Rex Feizi

Since the Subject7 platform always opens a blank profile and also removes all the cookies by default. We are introducing a feature to disable the deletion of all cookies as default behavior, especially when the automation is pointing to a non-blank profile. Meanwhile, you can try the following: 

  1. Launch the automated test with Chrome browser do the login and manually do the authorization. Do not close the automation browser nor press stop
  2. Check cookies in Chrome dev tools to see the names and understand what cookies it's required by the SSO. It maybe more than one
  3. Continue test case using Get_Cookie_Value to grab the cookie with required name, then Set_Global_Var to store this variable as a global variable.
Then in every test case add the following:
  1. Goto_Url to navigate to the login page
  2. Get_Global_Var to grab cookies from global storage
  3. Use Cookie command to set cookies
  4. Repeat point 2-3 command for all required cookies if there are more than one. 
  5. Goto_Url again to reload the page with injected cookies in the previous steps
  6. Proceed with the login
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