Subject7 version 9.5.6 - 5/29/2022

Subject7 version 9.5.6 has the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Recorder - Added support for XPath generation where the distance between the label element and the actual element is far in the DOM
  • Recorder - fixed several issues with capturing elements on some Oracle web apps
  • Improved the behavior for execution Image and Browser Logs icons to display a disabled state when no content exists for these
  • Improved the tooltips for execution Image and Browser Logs icons to display accurate text when no content exists for these
  • Fixed an issue with copying and pasting execution sets where previously an error was thrown for some execution sets
  • Fixed an issue in Execution Sets tab with copying and pasting folders and cutting and pasting execution sets
  • Fixed an issue in Advanced View where some slashes disappear from Goto_URL command when Apply button is clicked
  • Fixed an issue with Verify_Text_in_PDF failing to verify some texts in PDF files
  • Fixed an issue with execution sets where the reference to a dataset is kept after the test case is removed from the execution set
  • Fixed an issue with web locators not being identified as duplicates if recorder created the web locators
  • Fixed an issue with datasets upload allowing to use files with extensions other than CSV
  • Fixed issues with function and test case information section getting truncated on laptops with 150% scaling or touchscreen monitors
  • Fixed issues with User & Group Management not allowing to save edits for the user
  • Fixed a UI issue with creating a dataset from Artifacts > Datasets where Save button was partially invisible
  • Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes

On-Premise Configurations

NOTE: It's important to keep all services up to date.

Docker container

Docker container URL


hera 2.0

Running configserver is required













Xpoint update: Yes

Hot deploy: NO

Jenkins plugin update: NO

JIRA plugin update: NO

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